SANISAFE WIPES 100 SHEETSSanisafe-4C-Corona-Wipe-2.jpg
SANISAFE WIPES 100 SHEETSSanisafe-4C-Corona-Wipe-2.jpg

Sanisafe 4C disinfectant wipes are powerful and versatile, with an intelligently blended formula capable of eliminating potentially harmful bacteria in just fifteen minutes. Ideal for use on surfaces and skin when soap and water is not readily available, these wipes are provided in a compact bag that is easy to transport and store so you have them handy whenever necessary.

  • SANISAFE 4C WIPES kills 99.9% of all bacteria, yet is gentle on your hands, leaving a fresh fragrance.
  • Effective against Bacteria, Viruses (Corona virus strains, Swine Flu - H1N1 ) and Fungi
  • Kills harmful bacteria, without water!
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