WHEELIE BIN MGBNEO 240 LITRES £54.22240_litre_yellow_ys_edited_1.jpgWHEELIE BIN 240L.pngWHEELIE BIN GREEN.png
WHEELIE BIN MGBNEO 240 LITRES £54.22240_litre_yellow_ys_edited_1.jpgWHEELIE BIN 240L.pngWHEELIE BIN GREEN.png

Characteristic features of this new wheelie bin such as uniform wall thickness thanks to a new manufacturing process, reinforcement profiles on all side walls for added strength and enhanced structural integrity make this range both innovative and robust. The improved bin design now allows for stacking up to 13 wheelie bins without an increase in standard stack height - the usual number of bins per stack is 10 or 11 for standard 240 l bins. The more efficient and cost-effective use of storage space could reduce storage costs by up to 30%. Lower storage and transport volumes will also reduce the carbon footprint. 

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