JANGRO THICKENED BLEACH 5 LITRE £6.82bc015-5_prof_thickenedbleach_800x800.jpgScreenshot_2020-06-23 Layout 1 - Thickened_Bleach_BC015-5_PUG pdf.png
JANGRO THICKENED BLEACH 5 LITRE £6.82bc015-5_prof_thickenedbleach_800x800.jpgScreenshot_2020-06-23 Layout 1 - Thickened_Bleach_BC015-5_PUG pdf.png

A thick bleach that when used regularly will kill germs and remove stains

Specially formulated to give greater clinging power. The Jangro bleach has been specially formulated at 4.7% available chlorine to give total protection against all known germs and an improved concentrated thickness to give greater clinging power where it matters most.

Thick Bleach is ideal for toilets and laundry applications. It sticks to vertical surfaces providing pro-longed action. Its proven formula is effective against a wide range of bacteria and viruses. Versatile cleaner, de-stainer and disinfectant for many applications. Pleasantly perfumed, the Thickened Bleach should be used to disinfect and cure unpleasant smells caused by waste matter.
Features: Passes EN1276 and EN13697. Kills MRSA & Ecoli . Cleans, disinfects in one step and eliminates odours

Pack size: 5 litre, Odour: Faint, pH: 12.7, Dilution: Ready to use or 1:50.

How to clean and disinfect with Jangro thickened bleach

Toilet bowls and drains:
- Use undiluted.
General disinfecting:
- Dilute 100ml per 5 litre of cold water.
Cold bleaching (45 minutes):
- Dilute 50ml per 5 litre.
Overnight bleaching:
- Dilute 25ml per 5 litre of cold water.
- Do not use on silk, wool, colours, leather or any garment with a special finish!

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